Plants ‘Talk’ to Each Other

Roots inspire neighbours to grow through a series of underground signals

Plants talk to each other
Elhakeem Et Al

Plants inspire neighbours to grow through a series of underground signals, a new study has revealed.

Researchers found that corn seedlings exchange messages with nearby plants via chemical signals fired into the soil from their roots.

These potent secretions tell the seedlings whether their neighbours are relatives or strangers and help them direct their growth accordingly. Read more.

Dump Transformed into Park


Image Courtesy of CBS News

Staten Island’s Freshkills Park was once the world’s largest landfill, a dumping ground for New York City’s abundant heaps of garbage. Eloise Hirsh, administrator of Freshkills Park and president of the Freshkills Park Alliance, was tasked with transforming those hundreds of acres of compiled garbage into an enormous, activity-filled public space. Read more.


Biltmore International Rose Trials


Max Cooper Photography

The Biltmore International Rose Trials provide an opportunity for all types of breeders – from novice to professional – to test their selections for two and a half years in a very public setting. The trials are sited at the Biltmore’s lavish and large rose garden, in complete view to the multitude of people who visit each year. Read more