Do you have a favorite spring flowering tree?

Is it hard to pick a favorite spring flowering tree? I have that problem. White Fringetree is one of my absolute favorites. But, I also like Leonard Messel Magnolia.

Leonard Messel Magnolia

And, Coralburst Crabapple. Of course, redbuds and dogwoods are wonderful too. What’s your favorite? Please share your favorite in the comment section below.

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  1. Chuck Robinson

    American fringe tree is at the top of my list. If we move and i get to build a shrub border, I want one or two of these, some lilacs, a paperbark maple and a Japanese maple and some American callicarpas, to start.

  2. Brian Chadwick-Robinson

    My Japanese Snowbell, Stewartia japonica. It has scaffolding branches, from which rows of perfect white bells hang down. You can stand under the tree and look up into the flowers, their intoxicating fragrance wafting down over you. The bees and other pollinators absolutely love it as well. The rest of the year it has a nice shape and foliage texture. Best of all it transports me to the first time I saw it and that feeling of amazement every Spring.

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