Do you start vegetables early in a cold frame?

Two things are new in my garden – a cold frame and vegetable gardening. I need your help!


Please share your tips for getting an early start with a cold frame. And, what vegetables do you recommend?

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  1. Brian Chadwick-Robinson

    I wish I had cold frames and the time in the Spring to use them. In the summer you could also start cuttings and do all sorts of propagation. Cover them with shade cloth and grow lettuce through the hot months.

  2. Jill Draper

    I don’t have cold frames, but for the last two years I’ve started a small number of early spring plants (lettuce, kale, etc.) in empty translucent milk jugs that have been nearly cut in half (so that they’re hinged) with the caps left off. I put these on the south side of my lawn near the house in late February–still experimenting, but it works some of the time.

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