Gardeners Love CobraHead Tools

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CobraHead tools are becoming the favorite of gardeners everywhere. They out work all similar tools. These Wisconsin made tools are rugged, versatile, and easy to use. The CobraHead Weeder and Cultivator does more garden chores better than any other tool. The CobraHead Long Handle is a great stand-up weeder, and it’s ideal for older gardeners and those with limited kneeling capabilities. A must-have for gardeners – learn more.

Plants ‘Talk’ to Each Other

Roots inspire neighbours to grow through a series of underground signals

Plants talk to each other
Elhakeem Et Al

Plants inspire neighbours to grow through a series of underground signals, a new study has revealed.

Researchers found that corn seedlings exchange messages with nearby plants via chemical signals fired into the soil from their roots.

These potent secretions tell the seedlings whether their neighbours are relatives or strangers and help them direct their growth accordingly. Read more.

Dare to Try Something New


Something I enjoy each year is expanding my plant palette and trying new plants. It has tested my faith when plants don’t live up to their expectations. However, as are most gardeners, I’m resilient. And, new plants keep finding their way into my shopping cart. Read more.

A Cook’s Garden


Image by Dennis Klein on Unsplash

I was on my way out the door, she was on her way in. Our paths crossed at our hair stylist’s studio and we started talking about cooking and gardening. She loves to cook. I love to garden. Wanting to use fresh ingredients for recipes, we discussed a plant or two. Realizing this conversation could go on for a while, I responded to the next question, “This would be a great topic for an article!” Read more to learn what vegetables, herbs and edible flowers you should grow for fresh ingredients.