Pantone® Color of the Year

Ultra violet has been declared the color of the year by Pantone, the color gurus. Add ultra violet to your garden with several plants from First® Editions Virtual Violet® Lilac, Groovy Grape™ Butterfly Bush, and Grape Lollipop™ Phlox.  Proven Winners® offers Violet Satin® Rose of Sharon, Lanai® Purple Star Verbena, and Surfinia® Purple Majesty Petunia. For purple vegetable and fruit options, check out Fine Dining Lovers blog. Explore ultra violet.



Viability of Old Seed

Ward Upham, Extension Associate at K-State, shares this tip on determining if old seed is still good: If you are unsure of viability and have plenty of seed, there is an easy method of determining how good your seed is. Place 10 seeds on a paper towel moistened with warm water and cover with a second moistened towel. Roll up the towels and place inside a plastic bag with enough holes for air exchange but not so many that the towels dry quickly. Place the bag in a warm place such as the top of a refrigerator. Remoisten towels with warm water as needed. After the first week, check for germination. Remove sprouted seed and check again after another week. Add these numbers together to determine the percent germination.